Himalayan Chyura Soap
Hilans Body SOAP
Himalayan Chyura Soap
Himalayan Chyura Soap
Himalayan Chyura Soap
Himalayan Chyura Soap

Himalayan Chyura Soap

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Hilans presents the naturally nourishing bathing soaps made with the royal honey extracted from the lush-green Himalayan forests, blended with the authentic essence of the frangipani flowers. Hilans natural soaps help you get rid of that extra-oily and flaky skin and bless you with a blooming skin with an appealing smoothness and suppleness.

Suitable for both men and women, Hilans soaps are crafted naturally without using harmful paraben and silicones. Hilans natural soaps keep your skin soft and healthy. It is the best soap for your sensitive skin and protects you from pimples, dark spots, rashes, and many more such skin issues, by eliminating the toxins and free radicals from your skin.

Keeping the rate of the soap to a minimum, Hilans brings the purity of the Himalayas to your home. These organic soaps are nature’s blessings giving you the skin glow you have always wished for.

Benefits of Hilans Soaps:

  • Nourishes your skin
  • Removes extra dirt and oil
  • Makes your skin look younger
  • Has curative properties
  • Natural fragrance

Soap Nutrients:

Chyura ghee & Glycerin 

How to Use?

Gently work up a foamy lather, and rinse


Avoid getting the soap in the areas near your eyes.