Hilans Mustard Seeds (Rai Dana) Hilans
Hilans Mustard Seeds (Rai Dana) Hilans

Hilans Mustard Seeds (Rai Dana)

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Mustard is a plant grown in most of the western Indian Regions. Mustard is a very beautiful medium-height plant with yellow flowers on the top. Mustard Seeds are the dried seeds of the Mustard Plant. In India Green, Mustard Leaves are also used to make curry known as Sarso Da Sag or Sabji.

Mustard is used in powder form or as a whole Mustard Seeds as a Spice and Seasonings in most the Indian cuisines.

Mustard Seeds or Ground Mustard and Green Mustard Leaves are very important spices or seasonings in any Indian Cuisine.

  • Mustard Seeds can be used in many Indian Curry.
  • It can be used to make Mustard Oil.
  • You can make Green Mustard Leaves Curry.
  • It is a very important Medicine in Ayurveda.
  • It can be useful to improve our digestive system.
  • Nutrition Values in Mustard or Rai Dana or Sarso.