Coriander Powder ( Dhaniya)
Coriander Powder ( Dhaniya)
Coriander Powder ( Dhaniya)


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The Himalayan Natives  Cow Ghee is made from the high-quality milk of free-range. The Badri Cow is a pure breed (non-hybrid), native to the hills of Uttarakhand. Made using traditional methods, our ghee is made from A2 milk and is highly nutritious with a rich authentic flavor & aroma, and granular texture. Our ghee is 100% natural and has no preservatives and colors.

Milk from native Indian cows is scarce but is considered gold-like in Ayurveda due to its innumerable health benefits.

Health Benefit

  • Muscle Growth – Vitamins A & E in Ghee are beneficial for muscle growth in the body. The former supports protein synthesis and glycogen production, which aid muscle growth, while the latter, being an antioxidant, blocks the effects of free radicals that hamper muscle growth.
  • Boosts Immunity – Antioxidants in pure desi ghee help the body better absorb vitamins and minerals, thus boosting immunity. Butyric acid in ghee also strengthens immunity by increasing killer T cell production in the gut, which fights against allergens.
  • Burns Fat – CLA i.e Conjugated Linoleic Acid, in grass-fed cow ghee, contains fat-burning abilities. It makes the body spend energy faster, thus helping it burn fat faster.