Cleome Viscosa ( Jakhya )
Cleome Viscosa ( Jakhya )

Cleome Viscosa ( Jakhya )

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Hilans brings for you 100% natural and fresh Jakhya, a crunchy Himalayan herb ingredient, a perfect tempering spice to brighten up your dishes. This spice procured from the women farmers of Tehri, Pauri, and Rudraprayag is loaded with the goodness of nutrients including fibers, calcium, & Vitamin B and has certain anti-inflammatory properties. Hilans Jakhya not only adds flavors to your dishes but brightens your life by restoring your health. These small dark brown or black colored seeds are high in flavor and thereby used by the locals for tempering before or after cooking. Add a soul to your customary dishes by tempering them with Hilans Jakhya seeds.

Health Benefits

  • Prevents infantile convulsions
  • Prevents mental convulsions
  • Heals wounds faster
  • Build immunity
  • Cures ulcers

Key Nutrients

 It has antimicrobial, anti-diarrheal, and anticonvulsant properties.

Best Way to Consume it

 Temper your curries and Dals with Hilans Jakhya seeds & some desi ghee for undeniably luscious flavor


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