Hilans Kidney Beans (Harshil Variety Rajma) Hilans
Hilans Kidney Beans (Harshil Variety Rajma) Hilans

Hilans Kidney Beans (Harshil Variety Rajma)

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Hilans has brought for you 100% natural and premium quality kidney beans from the women farmers of Uttarkashi. Harshil Rajma is a storehouse of proteins, carbs, fibers, vitamins, and minerals that make you nostalgic about Rajma chawal. The buttery texture of Harshil Rajma just melts in your mouth. These finest quality kidney beans are a combination of infinite health benefits. Not only do they assist in building muscles but also help in shedding weight. The rich fiber content of the beans keeps your gut healthy and the proteins, vitamins, and minerals help to build immunity and restore health. Hilans ensure that the purity and quality of these beans are tested at every step so that the promise of purity we have made to you is secured.

Health Benefits

  • Furnishes Energy
  • Prevents Diabetes
  • Strengthens bone
  • Enhances Brain functioning
  • Aids weight loss

Key Nutrients

 Hilans Harshil Rajma is a protein powerhouse loaded with vital nutrients such as copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, vitamins K1, and folate.

Best Way to Consume it

 Use 100% natural Hilans Harshil Rajma in Indian Rajma Curries or try some chaats with these delicious beans. Relish the richness of Hilans Harshil Rajma with some Indian spices!

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Customer Reviews

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Ranjana c

I had ordered Rajma Beans, Mixed masala, fig chutney, kala ealiachi and bay leafs from HILANs, and I find all of them pure, and un adulterated. I am happy I chose HILANS

Pankaj Garg

Superb Quality

S. Kulkarni
Tasty, healthy products

I ordered many types of beans,pulses,spices mixture (masala) products from Hilans,got timely delivery,products are having authentic taste & most of them are with high nutritional values..
Thanks Hilan group for providing my family a healthy &better food options

Alok Mohan
Good Taste

Good initiative by the Uttarakhand government. Thanks