You deserve Purity! The story of HILANS.

You deserve Purity! The story of HILANS. Hilans

You wake up at 5 AM. Everyday! You exercise, sweat it out. Everyday! You apply conscious eating. Everyday! However, even after spending energy and money, something seems fishy. Reason? Increasing adulteration in food around you. Here, both small and big brands in the country act alike. For quick profits, they blatantly play with your health. Everyday!

Could we stop this? Well, we can’t guarantee the actions of others, but we can start a change. 

Our Belief Is Your Belief

We believe that you should get what you pay for. If you choose to pay for purity, you deserve it. No compromise. No cheating. No fake promises. As a consumer, don’t you also believe the same?

That’s why we are building HILANS. 

Why did we even start?

On the one hand you are looking and paying for pure food products while on the other, farmers in the state of Uttarakhand are migrating due to low incomes. This happens even when they cultivate crops in the purest regions of the country - the Himalayan valley. 



After much thought, the Government of Uttarakhand decided to build HILANS. Why? Because, you should get pure products directly from the farmers. No middlemen! No exploitation. 

Our Farmers Promise Quality To You

When you buy HILANS, you buy produce cultivated in the ‘Terai’ region right in the foothills of the Himalayas. Crops grown here are exposed to fertile land, high altitude, and pristine climate. The pictures below show the birth of HILANS. Take a peek!

Why should you care? Because, pure cultivation results in pure nutrition!  If you still don’t believe us, try exotic Rajma beans grown in the Harshil region of Uttarakhand. They are one of the most nutritious Kidney beans your money could buy. 

At Hilans, farmers not only cultivate but also process, package and monitor the quality of the products. As they take their promise of purity seriously, they leave no stone unturned. Farmers, themselves act as HILANS’ gatekeepers.


All This Is Hard, but Still, It’s Needed

Only 14% of land in Uttrakhand is cultivable. The  rest of it is steep slopes which are exposed to heavy soil erosion. Thus, most of the state’s land is fit for tourists, not for farmers. Chilling weather also adds to the hardships and hinders agriculture. 

Still, the farmers work through sheer grit and determination. They understand the need of purity and have geared upto the challenge. It’s not easy, but they ensure that every time, when you consume a HILANS product, it matches your expectations.

You Must Take a Call

Health begins in your gut. If you understand it, be cynical of the products you consume on a daily basis. If this skepticism is painful, take a call. Relax and choose HILANS. You deserve purity. You know it.

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