The warmth of gratification shines through their faces! Undaunted by challenges, our women farmers nurture seeds to maturity, and at harvest, the joy of reaping the fruits of seeds is contagious!

Traversing across Uttarakhand, a beautiful Himalayan state of India, referred to as 'Dev Bhoomi', you would catch a glimpse of women bent over, clad in sarees, and wrapped in shawls tending to grain the fields of rice, pulses, and wheat. These women residing in the tiny hamlets of Almora, Bageshwar, Chamoli, Dehradun, Rudraprayag, Pithoragarh, Pauri, Tehri, and Uttarkashi are the real forces maneuvering behind HILANS and serving you probably the purest and the best.

From Planting to Packaging

The Himalayan state with only 14% cultivable area, risky terrain, and adverse climatic conditions imposes several challenges for women farmers. On the tiny plots, often of less than a hectare, these women try to grow quality products as much as possible. They not only cultivate but are involved in the entire chain of processing, packaging, and quality assessment of the product at various stages. This is not easy but they ensure every time you buy a HILANS product, you invest in goodness and purity.

Feminization of Northern Agriculture

Women have always toiled hard in the Indian Himalayas. According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization, women in agriculture work three times as effectively as men in the same time duration. With the majority of men-folk migrating to cities for better paying job opportunities, leaves the women as the dominant force in the hillside. Witnessing closely the challenges faced by women, we at HILANS aim to establish successful supply chain linkages, incentivizing the surplus harvest and delivering better gains to the rural households.

Revitalizing the Agricultural Economy

The dream of a self-reliant nation seems a distant reality without empowering those who are residing at India's last fringe. These faces, the women farmers of the state, vanguard the economy as they contribute a lot to farming. In rural Uttarakhand, women contribute up to 90% of the total work in agriculture. Even after working hard, they are paid off very little. We at HILANS, are encouraging these women to prosper and contribute to our nation's economy.

The Unsung Warriors with a Sickle

The ones whose indefatigable labor nourishes us. The ones who hardly manage to get a complete meal once a day yet sow seeds to feed the entire population. These are the women farmers who stand with their male counterparts and work with grit and resolution to retain the promise of purity we made with you.

Hilans ugvs women farmer

Born into a life of manual grind, these women exemplify a truly astounding strength. They work silently as unsung heroes, without being thanked or recognized. These strong women are the base of our community and they are admirable in their way.

Next time when you think of a warrior with a sickle, remind yourself of the women farmers!

We at HILANS, are trying to empower these women to reap what they sow, through the sweat of the brow, by expanding their reach. Help these ordinary women continue to do extraordinary things...choose HILANS.

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