When You Buy Our Honey, You Get ‘Only’ Honey

When You Buy Our Honey, You Get ‘Only’ Honey Hilans

Every morning, many of you religiously have honey in warm water. For others, it is tasty with milk. The Major reason for choosing honey is to not choose sugar. However, Centre of Science & Environment recent report indicates that in India, most honey brands are selling sugar in honey bottles. Some are even adding artificial sugar. 

What happened?

Honey is common in every kitchen. This liquid gold is a healthy alternative to everyday white sugar. However, Indian market is flooded with ‘honey cheaters’. In December 2020, CSE picked up a few major Indian honey brands for a purity test through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test. This test looks for impurity at the molecular level. Astonishingly, out of 13 famous brands, 10 out of 13 failed. 

In such a market, where will you buy pure Honey? Relax. We have you covered. Our Himalayan honey promises purity. Since its launch, Hilans Honey has become our best-selling product. Why? Mainly because of an unmatched quality. How do we deliver this quality to you? Read on to find the answers. 

HILANS Himalayan Honey

Our honey comes from the high altitudes of the Himalayas - the epitome of purity. Himalayan Honey is also pristine due to clean environment and unique honey bees.

Special Bees, Special Honey

Hilans Honey

Apis Laboriosa. World’s largest honey bee. This bee is native to the Himalayas. Unlike honey bees of another region, these bees produce a large nest. From one nest, we can get about 60 kgs of honey.  Due to abundant flowers, we get enough honey for local consumption and distribution. 

Honey Hunting


Heard of ‘honey hunters’? Well, our beekeepers are called that. In Uttarakhand, honey hunting is a rich tradition. The hunters climb the hilly terrain in chilling weather to collect honey. Sometimes, they find honey even at more than 2000 ft above the sea level. This is a tough job!

Partnering With Honey Hunters

When we saw honey cheaters, we went to honey hunters. 

At HILANS, we take our promise of purity seriously. Thus, to ensure continuous supply of pure honey, HILANS reached the honey hunters. Now, after partnering with HILANS, they not only collect honey but also process and pack it. They rigorously control quality during collection and packaging.

Glimpses of Production

This is how we produce your honey.

Step 1. Collection - Honey hunters and beekeepers collect honey through a detailed process. This helps us build quality from inception. 

Step 2. CleaningRaw honey has wax, broken wings of the honey bee, and a lot of other things that need to be removed. We clean it up. Thoroughly.  

Step 3 - Batch processing. Our honey is not mass-produced in factories. We create small batches on the farm. After collection and cleaning, each bottle is packed with care by honey hunters. Thus, only 100% honey reaches your dinner table. 

Highlight- At HILANS, beekeepers and hunters manage the supply chain. They are trained to perform. 

Our Promise of Pure Honey

With increasing awareness, you are taking conscious decisions. When it comes to health, you should also consciously say no to ‘honey brands’ which take you for granted. At HILANS, we take pride in gathering the best honey from the Himalayan valley. With an unmatched promise of quality, we care for your health. That’s why, we produce HILANS honey.

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