Toor Dal - Humble Pulse From The Magnificent Himalayas

Toor Dal - Humble Pulse From The Magnificent Himalayas Hilans

Pulses are an indispensable element of Indian Cooking which forms a crucial component of a wholesome meal plan. Talking about Toor dal, undeniably, is the most relished culinary delight. Spanning from the nutritional benefits to the unmatchable savor, let's read more about this humble bean in the blog ahead.

Toor Dal is the staple food in every Indian dwelling, and no meal is finished without adding these protein-rich legumes. Toor Dal, the protein powerhouse, is crammed with essential vitamins and minerals. It is a chief accompaniment with roti or rice. It is guaranteed by nutritionists and health experts in unison as the complete food added to the regular meal plan.

Hilans provides you with the goodness of unpolished pulses and premium quality products. Hilans Toor dal is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. This humble pulse facilitates meeting your daily demands of iron and calcium. The richness of fiber and protein keeps you satiated, curbs hunger pangs, promotes weight loss, and reduces cholesterol. Let's enumerate the health benefits of this humble lentil.

Hilans Toor Dal

Health Benefits of Toor Dal -

  •  Fosters Iron Stores - Toor Dal is rich in iron, folate and other nutrients essential for maintaining a vitalized body, high in iron levels. Apart from this, Hilans Toor dal loaded with folic acid promotes fetal growth, brain development and obviates neural tubal defects in the newborn. Hilans Toor dal, on average, offers 6-12% of the daily requirement of iron.
  • Regularizes Blood Pressure - Toor dal is a rich source of potassium, which acts as a vasodilator, diminishing blood constriction and stabilizing blood pressure. Periodically adding Toor dal in your meal is profitable for patients suffering from hypertension as they are susceptible to increased risk of heart disease. Reducing hypertension through consumption of diet lentils is a highly advisable way as they are an abundant source of potassium which is well-known to drop blood pressure.
  • Maintains Weight - A high protein diet is known to spur weight loss by keeping you satiated for longer hours and curb the unwanted yearnings. Toor dal is a good source of dietary fiber, protein and is low on the glycemic index. This helps in coping with weight loss goals by decreasing appetite, boosting metabolism, and reducing the intake of overall calories.
  • Bolsters Energy - A noticeable amount of B complex vitamins present in the Hilans Toor dal like riboflavin and niacin is known to encourage carbohydrate metabolism, obviate the storage of excess fat, and upheavals the energy levels. Therefore, the addition of  Toor dal in the regular diet regimen revamps the energy levels instantly.
  • Handles Diabetes - Toor Dal is the main ingredient to add proteins in a diabetic's meal plan as they are a good source of complex nutrients. Low on the glycemic index (GI) and high in dietary fiber, Toor dal makes it a splendid addition to the daily diet. Food low in GI defers gastric emptying time and averts blood sugar spikes.

Hilans Toor Dal

Nutritional Value -

Toor Dal is a unique source of complex carbohydrates which contain nutritional benefits for those with diabetic conditions. It is an exceptional source of iron for your body. Hilans Toor Dal also boosts the immune systems in the body and activates Vitamin-B complex nutrients, which helps keep the metabolism rate in a healthy range.

Hilans bunches pure and natural products at your threshold direct from nature. Hygienically processed and packed with utmost care, keeping health a priority. So, order a packet of Hilans Toor Dal quickly and savor the taste of unpolished Toor dal!

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