Sichuan Pepper (Timur)- A Wonder Spice You Definitely Need

Sichuan Pepper (Timur)- A Wonder Spice You Definitely Need Hilans

Today, the energy requirements of our bodies have changed. As our lifestyle becomes more sedentary, this change will magnify. This has led to a rise in lifestyle diseases. Look around. You will see a chronic ailment in almost every household. This trend is only increasing by the day.

What if all this could be taken care of by adding a spice to our meals? What if this spice also adds its unique, wonderful taste to your conventional recipes? What if this grows in the pristine environment of the Himalayas?

The world knows this spice as Sichuan pepper. In Uttarakhand, people fondly call it Timur. In the last few decades, Timur has gained popularity across the globe. In 2018, the BBC listed Timur in trending food items as zesty grapefruit like spice. Want to know why? Read on.

Sichuan Pepper (Timur)

 1. It’s electric!

Once you get past the thorns, the taste of a fresh or freshly dried berry leaves your mouth, tongue, and lips buzzing and numb for several minutes. It is literally electric: The active ingredient, sanshool, causes a vibration on the lips measured at 50 hertz, the same frequency as the power grid in most parts of the world, according to a 2013 study at University College London. As a result, you should use it in curry-recipes with chicken, fish and sauté veggies to surprise your guests with taste and sensation! It is also a signature ingredient used in momo chutney in Nepal.

Sichuan Pepper (Timur)

2. Hike Your Immunity!

Timur contains a high level of zinc, a potent mineral essential for improving the immunity of the body. There are a few signs of zinc deficiency and it can easily go unnoticed which is why it is necessary to keep the zinc content in check. Consuming Timur might do the trick for you.

3. Strengthen Your Bones

Timur contains essential minerals such as phosphorous, manganese, copper and iron which are necessary to strengthen bones and help prevent age-related conditions such as osteoporosis. 

4. Best Way to Kickstart Your Metabolism

Illness recovery often comes with a loss of appetite. To heal your body faster, you need to consume healthy food. Timur contains nutrients that stimulate the appetite and improve the metabolism. This leads to a better absorption of nutrients from the food and faster body healing. 

5. Goodbye Toothache

Historically, Himalayan tribes used in hot soups which has now become their signature soup. Later they went on to discover more about Timur and started using its young shoot as a toothbrush. Now that’s how you implement sustainability and healthy habits! 

If you are suffering from cavities, give Timur a chance. Take 50 grams of it and crush to make a smooth powder. Now, wash your mouth and apply the powder. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. You will witness an immediate pain reduction. 

Sichuan Pepper (Timur)

You Should Consider a Small Change

In ancient days, people used to wrap the meat in herbs and spices to enhance the taste, later, they got exposed to various health benefits of spices. As we got the idea about its health benefits, we started its cultivation around the 8th century. Modern research is now finding conclusive evidence of anti-carcinogenic and anti fungal properties of spices.

Sichuan Pepper (Timur)

Spices are used daily in all our households. Incorporating a small and sustained change in choosing the spices we use in our food can lead to better health for the entire family. Take our word. Start with Timur. You won’t regret it.

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