Red Rice: A Salubrious Gift of Nature

Red Rice: A Salubrious Gift of Nature Hilans

Once you start thinking about rice, it's difficult to stop. But why stop eating your favorite comfort food when you have a healthier option? So good for you and your loved ones.

Red rice, popularly known as Laal Chawal, grown naturally in the lush green Himalayan Valley of Uttarakhand is sure to boost your family's daily dose of nutrition. The high altitude and heavy rain in the Himalayan Valley are responsible for its unique flavor, firm texture, and richness. A perfect pick for rice, this variety contains more protein and fibers but where it flickers is its antioxidant content. This wholesome variety is a gift you have to be touched with to make and a blessing for your soul if you ever get to taste it. To discover some intriguing health benefits that red rice offers, continue reading!

Six Incredible health benefits of Red Rice

  1. Rejuvenates skin: Red rice is renowned for its iron and vitamin content, which helps in the production of blood elements essential for a glowing and healthy skin. The antioxidant, anthocyanin imparting the characteristic red color to rice, fights free radicals and thus, protects our skin from symptoms of premature ageing.
  1. Boost immunity: Red rice is enriched with several nutrients such as Magnesium, Selenium, Calcium, etc, and antioxidants which help in curing and preventing several diseases.
  1. Aids digestion: Red rice is a great source of fiber and works as a natural laxative. The fibers aid several digestive functions thus promoting the drainage of toxins and helps alleviate constipation.
  1. Promotes weight loss: Red rice is known to be a fat-free option. The bran and fiber in red rice reduce hunger pangs and prevent you from consuming food frequently. The bran also helps in the reduction of cholesterol. With the shift in the consumption pattern, this food option perfectly fits into your diet.
  1. Supplies Vitamin B6: Human body can't synthesize Vitamin B6, so we need to obtain it from external sources for proper bodily functions and good health. A single serving of red rice can meet the 23% requirement of Vitamin B6, that’s amazing right!
  1. Prevents life-threatening diseases: Red rice having a lower glycemic index and containing agents that regulate insulin function lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The presence of antioxidants prevents the spreading of cancerous cells and ceases tumor formation. Additionally, the presence of fibers lowers inflammation and the presence of Magnesium makes it a good food to prevent pulmonary and bone-related problems.

The health benefits listed above are only a few of the reasonable ones that you're set to receive by devouring red rice. Particularly when rice is a staple in your household and it is your all-time favorite comfort food, you're going to want to make this better alteration.

What you take in every day can particularly affect your health. So, you're definitely going to make this change a favorable one. The benefits that you receive from red rice should assure you enough that making this change is, in fact, the better choice. Now, start adding red rice to your food list and grab yours directly from HILANS.

Hilans Red Rice

HILANS red rice is procured directly from farms without any artificial polishing, therefore it retains all its nutritional values. We have been sourcing these antioxidant-rich organically grown grains produced by several farmers and making them available at your doorsteps.

Just order your packet of richness, goodness, and fitness! 

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