Munsiyari Rajma - White Beans Of The Sumptuous Himalayas

Munsiyari Rajma - White Beans Of The Sumptuous Himalayas Hilans

If you love Rajma, look no further than the Munsiyari variety. Straight away from the Himalayan valley to your kitchen. A trough is full of great relish and nourishment. Hilans Munsiyari Rajma tastes so excellent that once you gobble it, you will assuredly yearn for more!

Munsiyari Rajma elicits its name from Munsiyari located at an elevation of 7200 ft., situated at the doorway of Johar valley in the state of eastern Uttarakhand. This place is also known as "Little Kashmir." Indeed growing under such climatic surroundings gives it a subtle and unique taste. This state is the home ground to Rajma, having two hundred varieties of Rajma grown widely across this region. It has a massive amount of vitamins and other minerals. Munsiyari Rajma is a virtuous mixture of protein and carbohydrates. Due to its unparalleled and ingenious savor, high fiber content, texture, and color, this Rajma is a favorite for all age groups.

Free from any pesticide, Munsiyari Rajma is known for its great taste and alimentary benefits. It is harvested by farmer groups who work tirelessly to sow, nurture and gather traditional varieties of products so that we can live a healthy life. Munsiyari Rajma is a protein-rich source of food packaged with utmost care in absence of any impurities or foreign elements. Apart from serving terrific flavor, it provides essential proteins to the body and bolsters the system's resilience. Moreover, Munsiyari Rajma is very rich in soluble fiber content, which helps in blood sugar levels, decreasing Cholesterol Levels and diminishing the jeopardy of convincing diseases like stroke, High blood pressure, and coronary heart disease. Let us read further to know more about the medicinal benefits of this bean.

Hilans Munsiyari Rajma

Benefits of Munsiyari Rajma :

  • Helps Battle Cancer : Being rich in dietary fibers, Hilans Munsiyari Rajma aids in fighting gastrointestinal cancer chiefly. It also has antioxidant characteristics that can be consumed to curtail the hazards of cancer.
  • Provides all-around advancement of babies : Hilans Munsiyari Beans is explicitly beneficial in the overall growth of babies. The high content of calcium and potassium furnishes skeletal robustness, and the protein provides a building block for the increment and progress of kids. Thus, Munsiyari beans also help in the development of babies.
  • Lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disease : Hilans Munsiyari Rajma helps diminish the bodies by and large amounts of sugar suffice. High cholesterol and blood pressure can also be reduced by devouring Munsiyari Rajma.
  •  Affects weight loss : The dietary fibers of Munsiyari beans can also be efficacious in weight loss. Fiber boosts the thermic effect of food, thus, keeping you full for longer durations. Protein subject matter may assist in weight loss too.

Hilans Munsiyari Rajma

Nutritional Powerhouse:

 Even small quantities of Munsiyari Rajma carry immense nutritional content. Apart from being a great source of protein for vegetarians, Munsiyari Rajma is packed with fiber content to assist in managing weight loss. Blood sugar levels are also balanced through this superfood as it falls low on the Glycemic Index. 

Munsiyari Rajma is immensely advisable to incorporate in your diet attributable to its health benefits. The Hilans provide you with the best natural Munsiyari Rajma sourced from the high rises of Uttarakhand. We assure you that fresh and pure products are delivered to your doorstep. So Order a packet of Munsiyari Rajma from the store before the stock is out, and experience the delightful flavor.

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