Horse Gram (Gahat Dal) – Powerhouse Legume to Resolve all Health Problems!

Horse Gram (Gahat Dal) – Powerhouse Legume to Resolve all Health Problems! Hilans

Being a citizen of India, it is almost assured that one has eaten Horse Gram at least once in their lifetime. It is as closely knit to Indian culture as any other pulse / legume.

Horse Gram has many names by which it is known, such as Kulthi Bean, Hurali, Madras gram, or Gahat Dal– the name locally known in Uttarakhand.

Hilans Horse Gram (Gahat Dal)

Of particular interest is the environmental conditions required for growing Gahat. Gahat Dal has the unique ability to thrive and grow in dry/hot climates while yielding high nutritional benefit to those consuming it. This fact places India in a strong geographical position for growing substantial quantities of Gahat in the future.

Gahat Dal (Macrotyloma Uniflorum) has been highly regarded by the US National Academy of Sciences as one of the most nutritious and healthy food sources. It is a small-sized legume which contains extraordinary health benefits of varying nature. It can be consumed in several ways, such as boiled sprouts, mixed in a drink after being ground to a powder, or included in dishes such as dals, salads, vegetables, or soups.

Benefits of Gahat Dal:

The benefits of Gahat are aplenty. It has a wide array of health benefits which can be utilized towards almost every ailment besides ensuring that the body remains fit and healthy.

  1. Used as Medicine: Historically, Gahat Dal has been used for medicinal purposes as it contains healing properties for ailments such as, asthma, bronchitis, jaundice, ulcers, bowel problems, or hemorrhoids. It has immense benefits for improving cough and cold.
  2. Enhances weight loss: The protein and fiber content in Horse Gram is incredibly high. These nutrients play an important role in maintaining weight levels and facilitating weight loss by burning fat. The fiber content keeps the digestive system activated whereas sufficient protein intake reduces hunger pangs.
  3. Controls cholesterol levels: Consuming Gahat Dal can help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels as it contains sufficient fiber and lipid content.
  4. Improves skin appearance: Another significant benefit of Horse Gram comes by way of greatly enhancing the beneficial properties of the skin, such as removing boils, pimples, rashes, etc. You can make a paste of Gahat by soaking it overnight and applying it to your face evenly. After 30 minutes, wash it off and observe the material change in your skin!
  5. Controls Diabetes: Gahat Dal has been proven to have reduced insulin resistance and carbohydrate digestion. This in turn, helps reduce the glycemic index (the speed at which carbohydrates affect the blood-sugar levels).
  6. Protects Liver & Gall Bladder: The natural properties in Horse Gram, namely flavonoids, help protect the liver and gall bladder by purifying the blood. Consuming Gahat Dal can act as a detoxification process of all the bad chemicals in the body. As a result, there are low chances of developing Kidney stones if you consume Horse Gram in your daily diet.
  7. Reduces menstrual disorders: While on menstrual cycle, Gahat Dal can reduce cramps. It improves the hemoglobin levels in the body as it is high on iron content. To get this benefit, soak handful of Gahat overnight in a bowl of water and consume the next day.

Hilans Horse Gram (Gahat Dal)

Hilans Horse Gram (Gahat Dal) brings all of nature’s goodness for the benefit of your mind, body and health. Now partnering with Amazon, Hilans ensures delivery of this nutrient powerhouse straight to your doorstep! Order today!

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