Hilans Soaps- The Gentle Touch of Nature!!!

Hilans Soaps- The Gentle Touch of Nature!!! Hilans

Frustrated with soaps born in a chemistry lab? Want products to make you feel good and smell good, with a delicate touch of nature? Hilans skin-nourishing organic soaps will be your skin saviors.

Beautiful skin requires dedication, not a miracle. Stop wishing you had luxurious skin and get it! This season keep your skin smooth, supple and get rid of excess oils, dirt, and flaky skin with Hilans organic soaps. They are crafted locally in the Himalayan hamlets of Uttarakhand where mother earth laughs in Plumeria (frangipani flowers) and subtle touch is handpicked as royal honey from the Himalayan forests.

Happiness is Handcrafted

Handmade in small batches, our Hilans Soaps are gentle yet deeply cleansing and beautifully scented. Produced with entirely natural ingredients and healing essential oils these evocative, fragrant, and cruelty-free soaps are suitable for all skin types.

Soaps for Skin and Soul

This amazing combination of organic ingredients along with nature's secret powers is not only sulfate & paraben-free but also refreshes and soothes your body. The rich creamy texture of leather lifts your mood and keeps your skin moisturized, healthy and smooth. These handcrafted bars of happiness come in two soothing forms: Himalayan Forest honey and Himalayan frangipani.

Himalayan Frangipani

Hilans Himalayan frangipani soap is a delight to use in the shower. The fruity-floral fragrance of the soap refreshes the body, mind, and soul. Frangipani considered sacred as the "Tree of Life" evokes deep internal cleansing and the soap provides you a myriad of benefits:

Himalayan Frangipani

Moisturizes skin: Glycosides in the flower allow the skin to stay hydrated and boosts collagen production keeping your skin moisturized.

Staves off aging: Lignin present in the Himalayan flower keeps your skin supple, toned, young and wrinkle-free.

Sustains skin health: Oils of the flower eliminates toxins and free radicals from the skin and keeps it healthy.

Himalayan Forest Honey

Hilans Himalayan Forest Honey soap is filled with luxurious organic oils & natural butter and is unscented but carries a naturally sweet honey smell to lighten up your mood. Honey is a humectant that not only keeps your skin supple & soft but also helps restore the natural complexion. Honey always tops the list of classic beauty products and has adored this organic soap with some magical benefits:

Himalayan Forest Honey

Averts aging: The probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients in the honey together boosts collagen production and keeps your skin nourished and plump.

Prevents acne: Owing to the antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties of raw honey, this soap kills any kind of microbes that can cause acne and helps skin heal faster.

Brightens skin: Honey is a natural cleanser and exfoliator which removes the dead skin cells and leaves you with visibly lighter and glowing skin. Using Himalayan forest honey soap can illuminate your skin within a few days.

Mild on your skin and perfect fit for sensitive skin. Try these organic soaps, soaked in the goodness of raw honey and the luxury of refreshing frangipani flowers. This season let your skin glow even better and do all the talking. Grab your chunk of nature's goodness at Hilans to explore the beauty of these organic Himalayan soaps.

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