Hilans Horse Gram ( Gahat ) – A Miraculous Pulse from Ancient Folklore!

Hilans Horse Gram ( Gahat ) – A Miraculous Pulse from Ancient Folklore! Hilans

Yes, there are lots of beautiful and luscious lentils cultivated in the lush green Himalayan valleys. But this one? Hilans Horse Gram ( Gahat )–Tastes so good, that once you devour it, its name would be enough to make you drool!

Horse Gram ( Gahat ) also known as kulthi or kulthi ki dal, Kulith, Moth beans, Hurli and Madras Gram is a disk-shaped lentil that has its roots back in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is cultivated in the high rises of Uttarakhand without any use of pesticides, making it a cent percent organic lentil for a special place in your kitchens. Can you guess where the name Horse Gram comes from? Yes, it's a common grain fed to horses because of its superpower.  If you wish to keep your body young and vibrant, start consuming an active dose of antioxidants that Gahat offers you!

Hilans Horse Gram ( Gahat )

Hilans Horse Gram is good for your health as it is good for weight loss, is low incalories, improves your heart health, lowers cholesterol levels, and is easy for your gut too. Fighting hunger and anemia, this lentil protects you from Kidney stones. It has been known for its importance and consumption since ancient times and its evidence can be traced from ancient Indian Ayurveda textbooks, where gahat is stated as a panacea for the treatment of appendicitis. To know more about this miracle lentil, continue reading!

Heal with Hilans Horse Gram

Horse gram or Gahat is an underrated and underutilized pulse crop that occupies an important place in traditional medicine as a potential therapeutic agent to treat kidney stones, fever, piles, thyroid, urinary infection, etc. Some of the health benefits that Hilans Horse Gram offers are discussed below:

  • Makes your skin glowing, healthy, and radiant: Horse Gram has certain astringent properties and its powder can be utilized to make a face pack to prevent skin problems and for the facial glow.
  • Controls Diabetes: According to recent research, consumption of horse grams reduces glycemic index by reducing insulin resistance.
  • Promotes Weight loss: Horse Gram has natural qualities that work as a fat burner. So if you are looking forward to a diet plan this could be a perfect fit for your meals.
  • Eliminates Kidney Stones: Horse gram is infused with powerful antioxidants which not only prevent crystallization of calcium phosphate salts but also amplify the kidney's functions.
  • Enhances liver functions: Certain compounds, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, present in Horse grams are believed to purify the blood and detoxify harmful chemicals in the body. 

The health benefits of horse gram seem to be countless.  It acquires an important place in human nourishment and serves as an excellent source of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Horse gram has the highest calcium content among pulses and is one of the richest vegetarian sources of protein. It serves as an excellent source of calcium for vegetarians who are lactose intolerant. Add it into your everyday meals and get your daily requirement of calcium fulfilled!

Ways to Devour Gahat Ki Dal!

  • Make a stew by adding some fresh seasonal vegetables, Hilans spices, and add a spoonful of ghee, to add some extra flavors.
  • You can sprout it and consume it as your morning superpower meal.
  • You can roast it, ground it and make a healthy soup for chilling winters.
  • Easiest one– just make it as you would make any daal!

Hilans Horse Gram ( Gahat )

Hilans Horse gram is indeed a miracle pulse, owing to its immense nutritional values and health benefits. It is highly recommended to include horse gram in your regular diet, to reap the tremendous values it provides, for unconditional healthcare. So order your packet of Hilans horse gram now and enjoy scrumptiously healthy meals!




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