Hilans– A Promise of Purity

Hilans– A Promise of Purity Hilans


The valleys of the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, where the earth laughs in flowers, the purest water melts down from the glaciers, enriching the most fertile soils, from those heavenly lands, Hilans brings you the promise of purity.

Hilans has procured for you 100%natural and premium products handcrafted and hand-grown by the women farmers of Uttarakhand with utmost love and care. We provide you with all the good in the hills at the comforts of your homes. We strive to bring you the finest quality products only after ensuring it is the best and is good for you and your loved ones.

Hilans products are enriched with life-benefiting nutrients that make us active, energized, and healthy. We provide you with products that are fresh and natural, revitalising your soul and body. Our products are delivered directly from the laps of nature to you without any adulterations and impurities because we believe Hilans is the Purity that you all deserve!  

At Hilans, we respect the unconditional toil of our women farmers who work day and night, fighting against all the toils to deliver you parcels of serene beauty handcrafted with happiness.  

Hilans– A commitment for Good Health!

  • Improved Health Hilans products are a storehouse of nutrients that nourish your system, repair it, and protect it by building immunity. Our 100% natural products are good for health and come in an affordable range. Hilans food products are produced without the use of any harmful chemicals. The goodness we have brought for you is natural, nourishing, and pure.
  • Curtails life-risking Diseases Hilans natural food products are abundant in antioxidants, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals which keeps the diseases at bay. Each Hilans product comes with its distinct list of nutrients that helps in building immunity and restoring health. The positive consequences of Hilans natural products include the prevention of cancers, augmentation of heart health, stronger bones and joints, delaying early signs of aging, curtailing the chances of renal diseases, and diabetes & the list would go on endless. Hilans is not just a promise of purity but a promise of protection too!

Hilans– A souvenir for ageless Beauty!

  • Revitalizes Skin and Soul A healthy skin makes you confident and helps in the secretion of happy hormones that lifts your mood. The natural products from Hilans improve the original texture of your skin leaving it soft and supple. Our skincare products are made with natural products enlisted in ancient remedies. At Hilans, we believe there is beauty in all of us, that we need to believe in.
  • Repairs Skin Cells Hilans products are a treasure trove of nutrients such as Vitamins C & E and antioxidants that eliminates free radicals and repairs skin cells internally. We bring the purest and finest ingredients that repair and heal your skin without being harsh on the environment.
  • Restores Freshness When life gives you an option, …Choose Hilans!

Look, feel and radiate freshness with a dash of Hilans natural soaps. For a mood-boosting dose of freshness, choose Hilans and let your skin bloom in the fragrances of Himalayan flowers. At Hilans, we believe your skin deserves a gentle touch of nature.

Next time, when you Choose Hilans, be proud and know that you are choosing:

  • good health, protection, and purity for your loved ones
  • a better living and brighter smiles for the women farmers of Uttarakhand
  • longer life and safer health of our planet Earth

Choose Hilans and take extra care of your spirit by embracing the purity that you deserve! 

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