Chemmi Rajma - Carmine Beans from the Hillocks of Uttarakhand

Chemmi Rajma - Carmine Beans from the Hillocks of Uttarakhand Hilans

Carmine Bean fabricates the most popular Indian Cuisine, regarded as the "King of Nutrition"! A bean that is not only a delight to your lingua but also a bonanza for your body. Once you ingest it, you will assuredly have your heart set on it!

Hills Chemmi Rajma provides you with the purity that you deserve. It directly comes from the regal Himalayan valleys and is nurtured by the farmers of Uttarakhand. It is typically grown during the Sharif (summer and monsoon) season. These healthy legumes are procured from the herbaceous plant, forensically termed phaseolus vulgaris. Chemmi Rajma is a legume loaded with vital nutrients such as copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, vitamins K1, and folate. It is also known as Kidney beans. Can you guess why it is called Kidney beans? Yes, it takes its name from the appearance and resemblance to the color of the kidneys.

Hilans Chemmi Rajma

Chemmi Rajma also has copious fibers, making it a healthy staple for those who want to slenderize. Usually, it is doused overnight and pressure-cooked to neutralize the components that could lead to indigestion. It is served with a thick gravy with plenty of India Whole piquancy and generally served with rice. Thus, it diminishes the jeopardy of many diseases. Let us comprehend further the medical benefits of carmine beans.

Health Benefits of Hilans Chemmi Rajma

  • Furnishes Energy: Chemmi Rajma is an excellent source of iron, which boosts the robustness and stamina of the body.
  • Assists shedding weight: Most of the home remedies people make use for weight loss are not efficacious. In this situation, the regime should be consumed in the diet. Chemmi Rajma contains ample fiber and protein, which reduces the fat content and aids in weight loss.
  • Damper Diabetes: Kidney Beans are favorable for diabetic sufferers. Vitamins and minerals present in kidney beans assist in lowering the blood sugar level.
  • Strengthen the bones: Weak bones are a populace problem these days. The deficiency of calcium causes this. To raise calcium in the body, kidney beans should be absorbed because they include a loud amount of calcium. In addition, reasonable amounts of folate in Rajma support joint health and lowers the risk of bone problems like osteomalacia and osteoporosis. 
  • Bolster the immune system: Chemmi Rajma contains a reasonable amount of vitamin C, which helps in increasing immunity. In addition, by including kidney beans in the diet, diseases can be averted.
  • Augments the brain's ability: Chemmi Rajma enhances brain functions. Red kidney beans contain Vitamin K, which boosts the brainstem and reduces the danger of brain-related diseases.

Hilans Chemmi Rajma

Hills Chemmi Rajma certainly is a prodigy legume owing to its great savor as well as nourishing significance. Hills Chemmi Rajma is grown in an entirely non-polluted environment to furnish the best to its purchasers. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase Hilans Chemmi Rajma cultivated by Uttarakhand farmers and support your health with the goodness garnished in flavors! 



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