Build muscle with Harshil Rajma

Build muscle with Harshil Rajma Hilans

Workout, Protein shake, red meat, eggs, a good start but did you forget something?

Rajma, a storehouse of protein that makes you nostalgic about Rajma Chawal. Rajma is such a superfood that International celebs like Jackie Chan once relied on to build muscle. You must not miss Rajma to get faster results. How?


If you want to gain weight, you have to eat a lot. This is called Bulking. You need carbohydrates but can you eat anything for the sake of it? No In only 100 gm Rajma you get 60 gm of carbohydrate, a great reason to consider Rajma in your diet. 


Are you not tired of sipping protein shake every time? Why don’t you switch to a natural source of protein? Meat every day is not possible. It will disturb your digestion.

But you can always eat Rajma in various ways- Rajma chat, soup, or in the main course.  You can further improve the nutrition of your diet by eating a Harshil variety of Rajma because it is super nutritious.

Harshil Rajma

The buttery texture of Harshil rajma just melts in the mouth. Not only tasty but it also has all the qualities that one needs to build muscle. 

Hilans Harshil Rajma

Cholesterol free

On this planet, every delicious food has carbohydrates. Well, you can have harshil rajma without any guilt. It’s tasty and cholesterol-free.

High fiber

Can’t rely only on protein for building muscle. Proper digestion is a spearhead of body function. Harshil Rajma has high dietary fiber so that your digestion remains intact.

But where do you find this variety of Rajma? Let’s go to the mountains.

Gain more muscle with pahadi Rajma

Legumes like Rajma grown in the mountains have more nutrition. At high altitude, plants are exposed to better sun rays, pure air, and soil soaked in the pure water of Ganga. Harshil Rajma is one of the varieties grown in Uttarakhand. This power pact Rajma can help you gain results faster because more nutrition means more muscle! 

You must be yearning for harshil rajma now. Hardly any store will provide you varieties of Rajma. So, you may have to plan a trip to Uttarakhand. 


Just sit back and order it on Hilans

Harshil Rajma at Hilans

If you want to do something different you need to do something different

Building muscle is not a cakewalk, not everybody  chooses to do it. When you are ready to do something different we are too. You and we are different who are crazy about achieving something. For the sake of your endeavors, our farmers are also ready to grow crops on uneven terrain. So don’t rely on conventional sources, choose harshil Rajma!

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