A Treasure Of Tinted Pearls From The Himalayas : Naurangi Dal

A Treasure Of Tinted Pearls From The Himalayas  : Naurangi Dal Hilans

Looking for a perfect pulse for children and elderlies in your family, or a good protein source with high digestibility for your daily diet, then you are at the ideal place. Build your muscles with protein-rich Hilans Naurangi Pulses– the perfect beans to make you healthy and fit! 

Different names are Naurangi- climbing mountain bean, rice bean (Vigna Umbellata), Oriental bean, Mambi bean, Chakhawai in Manipuri, and mas yang in Nepal. In Uttarakhand, rice bean is a specialty pulse and is commonly known as Naurangi (Nau: nine, rangi: colored), the nine colored pulses. According to the local people of Uttarakhand, who are in close contact with the Himalayan Culture, the taste and nutritional content increase with the increase in altitude.

Hilans Naurangi dal 

Hilans Naurangi dal are sourced from very high altitudinous regions of Uttarakhand and are delivered at your doorsteps without any adulterations. Naurangi, despite having significant nutritional and therapeutic benefits, is an unexplored and underutilized pulse or grain legume, with considerable life-changing health benefits. To know more about these delightful and healthy beans, continue reading! 

Health Benefits of Naurangi 

  • Highly nutritious: Hilans Naurangi Dal is an excellent source of protein compared with other family members. It stores numerous minerals and vitamins, including manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, B-vitamins, and folates. Vitamins not only enhance cell growth but also promote internal functioning, keeping your body agile and young. Folic acid present in Naurangi is essential for good hair health and reduces the risk of hypertension.
  • Protect heart health: We source these colorful and vibrant pearls directly from the farmers of Uttarakhand, who cultivate these highly nutritious pulses without any additive chemicals. That ensures no harm to your health, and the presence of amino acids and certain foods' anti-inflammatory properties keep a check at proper health functioning.  
  •   Anti-inflammatory Properties: Rice beans contain a considerable amount of anti-inflammatory substances and fibers which protect our body from inflammation. Traces of antioxidants present in the Naurangi fight free radicals and protect our bodies from several life-threatening diseases. 
  • Suitable for the gut:  Hilans Naurangi Dal serves as an outstanding source of fibers and nutrients, which promotes good gut health and helps in easy bowel movements. This pulse is easily digestible and is recommended by doctors for people with weak digestion. 
  • Wonders for Women: According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science in December 2012, Naurangi can cure menstrual issues. It is also a rich source of folates, preventing specific congenital disabilities and maintaining good health for pregnant mothers. 
  • Therapeutic effects: Rice beans have been used in Chinese traditional therapies to cure heart diseases and prevent congenital disabilities. Chinese people consume rice beans because of their higher nutritional content. 

Hilans Naurangi dal

Hilans Naurangi Dal is a treasure for your health, which is available only in the country's northern area. Hilans took a step to bring this treasure of health in small packets from the farmers of lush green Himalayan valleys. We keep our promise of purity and goodness. 

So, what else are you thinking? Order your packet of Hilans Naurangi Dal now and explore the plethora of health benefits hidden in these tinted pearls from the Himalayas! 


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