73 years of Republic India: Vision to Empower Women Warriors

73 years of Republic India: Vision to Empower Women Warriors Hilans


In Uttarakhand, a major proportion of work in Agriculture is done by women, and even after toiling this hard, the seeds of their hard work do not pay much. Hilans is a vision for these unsung superheroes to flourish and reap what they sow.


After almost seven decades of Republic India, the country has been advancing at a rapid rate. Where the world talks about the new trends such as digitalization, innovation, strengthening economies, etc, there lies a section of these women, who are born in a village of Uttarakhand hills, start working in the fields at a very early age, are married once they turn 18 or at times even before that and then they spend their entire lives in the villages of their husbands taking care of their fields, livestock, and family. These farmerettes deserve a better life and Hilans is an initiative for the overall development and empowerment of these selfless creatures by providing them with the right outlet for their products and making them independent.


Women of Mettle– Inspiration to the migrating millennials


Mountains look startling from a distance but omit your rose-tinted glare and you will witness a sad reality. The harsh weather conditions, risky terrain, and unpredictable natural disasters make it all even more difficult to survive. The majority of the people living in the hills migrate to the plains in search of better jobs, good income generation, or basic amenities such as education, health, growth, electricity, etc. The bulk of the people migrating is men, leaving their female counterparts back in the hamlets to look after their family and fields. These female cultivators stay back and are doing a great favor to their villages which are still intact because of these superheroes. They grind hard in the sulking sun so that their fields remain fertile and nourish the soils with the sweat of their hard work. These Himalayan beauties are an inspiration to the millennials migrating that a better life can be created in the mountains too.


Hilans– Illuminating the lives of Himalayan farmerettes


Female growers from tiny hamlets of the Uttarakhand Himalayas exemplify an astounding strength and incredible courage despite many odds like poverty, gender bias, lack of education, and lack of funds. They live a simple life but are multi-tasker who becomes a strong-hearted warrior in the fields taking care of the crop from its sowing to harvest and a soft-hearted housewife who takes care of their whole family with love and compassion.


These cultivators generally do not get the right price for their produce. Hilans is an initiative of the Uttarakhand government to provide these planters an outlet for the sale so that they can get the right price for their indefatigable labor that nourishes us. Right from the whole grains & pulses, to a wide variety of processed products such as Hilans Kiwi Jam, Hilans multigrain atta, etc to some Himalayan traditional secrets such as Faran, Himalayan Kadha Blend, etc, these female farmers provide you the goodness of nature in its best form.


Come, join us in the journey to empower!


This Republic Day, Hilans vision is to empower & give these women a better life by providing them the right price for their produce. We provide you with the purest goods from the lap of the Himalayas which are cultivated & processed locally by these unsung superheroes. Every time you buy a Hilans product you bring smiles to these innocent faces and improve the lives of these farmers striving hard in the Himalayas to provide you with natural goodness.


The lives of many women have changed in the past years, many girls have started going to schools, the Himalayan ladies are no longer just the farmers, they are running an Enterprise. Every single drop counts and your support can shape many lives. Join us in the movement to empower these women and bring a positive change in their lives. Choose Hilans… help these incredible women continue to do extraordinary things!


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