5 tips to induce healthy eating habits

5 tips to induce healthy eating habits Hilans

A fit, energetic, healthy-looking person is always surrounded by praise, for a fit body, a sharp mind, and a charming personality. The saying goes right- you are what you eat. You may have seen such personalities, you admire them, want to be like them, well, you could be. It's just a matter of habits which you acquire. Here is a list of 5 habits which can help achieve a healthy you!

1. Breakfast bowl

 Eat your breakfast work can wait.

Often we ignore the voice of our mothers calling us for breakfast so, for a good start, listen to that voice. Unless you have a great breakfast, you can’t start your day well.

Introduce honey and flax seeds to your breakfast, these are healthy and acts as a taste catalyst. Honey, rich in antioxidants is the biggest secret of athletes’ performance. Similarly, flax seeds, rich in omega-3 fats can regulate the blood pressure and other activities in the body.

Breakfast Bowl

2. Fruit Juice

Only an apple is not enough for a day. Nutritionists will ask you to have four fruits a day but, some days, we are off-track. No worries, juices will save your health goals. One juice that can accomplish your goal is Buransh (Rhododendron) juice produced in the Himalayas. You could also try more conventional juices like grape, orange, etc.

Fruit Juice

3. Spices

Who wants to just stick to veggies and salads to lose weight? They undermine the value of spices in food. Spices are rich sources of minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron. Luckily, the mountains of India are blessed with spices and you can have them.

4. Handful of snacks

By evening you are likely to generate a craving for junk foods especially if you are at work. Unhealthy food is ubiquitous, just a click away these days. You can replace this thought if you have a healthy snack in your bag. Healthier version of cookies like millet cookies and Amaranth (Chaulai) cookies are a must try. 


5. Eat pulses, once a day

Pulses are the principal source of dietary proteins in a vegetarian country like India. They contain 18-25% of protein. However, many of us forget to make them a regular part of our diet. Make sure to have one bowl of pulses on a daily basis to boost your protein intake.

There are a variety of pulses to choose from - Kidney beans (Rajma), Pigeon Pea (Arhar), Green Gram (Moong), etc. Don't forget to try some native pulses from Uttarakhand like Harshil Rajma, Chitkara Rajma and others. We are sure that you will like them. 


The Next time when you pick a product, glance through the nutrition table. Your gut is asking for care so; be aware of whatever you are taking down to it. Remember, eating healthy is a habit! Inculcate it to experience a different life. 



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